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                                      An open source client to the LMAX webservice (API)

The OS LMAX Client Project
In October 2010 LMAX provided a service which allows "retail" investors to trade a
variety of instruments  FX, Indices, Commodoties & Bonds.

The reason why this is a major breakthrough is that for the first time this (CFD) company gives anybody access to live full market depth (Level 2) data across a range of instruments.
Not only that but LMAX DO NOT take positions against those trading via its website
or API service. Instead LMAX act as a conduit between the trader and the market maker
shuffling orders between the two for which they take a per trade commission.

However the single most important benefit from my own perspective is the API
(Application Programming Interface) LMAX provide. This allows anybody with a software
development background to write, develop and deploy automatic trading strategies.
This feature is an immensely important feature for the serious trader/developer and
opens up significant opportunities for traders and software developers alike.

As far as I am aware no other CFD or Spread betting company provides this OPEN API feature.

I believe this is a significant development in the world of trading and algorithm
design and feel that LMAX should be applauded for making such a service available.
In order to facilitate and encourage the adoption of the LMAX service I have
written a
basic Client application that allows people to use
some of the features of the LMAX service.

I have decided to make the project Open Source. All code is made freely available
under the GNU General Public License GPLv3. Please feel free to download the code,
run the application, alter and or extend the functionality.

Please adhere to the GPL v3 License terms & conditions.
Please make sure you have read and understood  the discalimers.
The OS LMAX Client Features       ((Version beta).

1) Full access to all LMAX instruments.

2) Visually Track up to 6 instruments simultaneously.

3) Initiate manual Stop Profit & Stop Loss trades.

4) Real time Plot of user selected default instrument.

5) Select unlimited Number of  RSS feeds 

6) Log into Live or Demo trading accounts.

7) Define default instrument via preferences screen

8) Set trade ticket transparency to avoid missing any actvity on the chart.                   


Read Disclaimers
Read Terms of License (GPLV3)
Read Application Documentation for a breakdown of current functionality.
Download Application source code


The application (verison is a BASIC application that demonstrates the key
elements in developing a fully functioning Client application. Namely retrieving data,
displaying data and submitting trading requests via the LMAX API.     

Future versions will build upon these basic elements. 
Testing & development of this application has been performed
against the DEMO account
provided by LMAX. Please NOTE
there are operational differences between DEMO & LIVE.

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