An open source client to the LMAX webservice (API)

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The application ( in its current verison beta ) is a BASIC application that demonstrates / provides the  key
elements in developing a fully functioning Client application. Namely retrieving data, displaying data and submitting trading requests via the LMAX API.

The purpose of the project was to make available a version that would act more as a demonstration of the potential rather than a fully functioning
all singing all dancing trading application and I believe that version beta does that.

There is  functionality built into the application that has been coded but not fully implemented e.g. Orderbook Information , Account information etc
the primary reason being time and the fact that such functionality would detract from the purpose of the project.
I am currently developing the application into a more fully functioning client with solid a database backend to deliver a focused algo trading solution.
Consequently this development will drive the update program. So where there is no conflict i.e. divulgence of trading straetgy etc
I will upgrade the open source versions accordingly.

The development of this version has taken up a large amount of my time and consequently any future updates are likely to be intermittent.
There are updates planned but not scheduled.

If you would like to join the project and have good C#.Net experience and would like to help speed up the development of this application send
me a message and we can discuss moving the project forward.  Alternatively if you 
would like to suggest improvements either in functionality or
alternative coding solutions
please let me know. If you just want to raise an issue or have a query please use the tracker links
and I'll address them asap.



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